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Distributed Computing // Big Data Engineering // Platform Development

bigspark can stabilise and reduce the cost of your analytics workloads

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Industry leading expertise in data platforms, architecture and software engineering

bigspark provide an end-to-end package of services and automation to tune and improve analytics and machine learning workloads

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Chris Finlayson

CEO, Co-Founder

Shaine Ismail

CTO, Co-Founder

Richard Hay

COO, Co-Founder

We expose the bottlenecks preventing your production workloads from operating efficiently. Our tooling will enable your engineering team to tackle the biggest cost factors and performance drains


Cluster management

Automated and highly customisable tools to continually optimise your Cloudera cluster

Spark monitoring and tuning

Focus on performance bottlenecks in your Spark jobs and find ways to optimise

Data profiling and mocking

Generate profile metadata of datasets for externalising feature development

ML model diagnostics and auditing

Automated tooling to assess model anomalies and provide input to quality assurance process

We provide professional platform administration, maintenance and troubleshooting support for modern data platforms including Spark, Kafka, Cloudera and Kubernetes. Our software and expertise reduces cost and enables engineering teams to remain effective

Analytics performance improvement

Platform troubleshooting & recovery

Solution engineering

Software development

Platform evolution

Employee training

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bigspark provide deep technical expertise in all subjects pertaining to data management and peripheral technologies. Recommended

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